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We breathe life into food and food products with our photography skills. Our proficient photographers have an expertise in capturing the beauty of food ingredients and turning them into mouth-watering shot. We translate the perception of taste, and appeal that one gets from an actual dish, to your photograph. We offer the services in our studio and on-location depending on your needs. We create food photography for editorial, cookbooks, packaging, web, print and advertising use.

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You have started your restaurant, kitchen or gourmet outlet that you have been thinking about for a long time. And now taking the plunge you have invested in the kitchen, interiors and all the things needed to fulfill your dream of being a food entrepreneur. But something seems to be amiss. The crowds you thought would be thronging to your outlet and keeping orders ringing through you online platform seem to be sadly missing. So what is going on here. You have the perfect location, the perfect online presence...but alas people still seem to be giving your food joint and miss.

Well could it be that the banner on the shop front does not seem appetizing enough? Or maybe the food photographs that you have on your restaurant menus, website, Zomato, Swiggy and other online platforms seems to be well, sort of sad.

If that is the case or you may just want to redo your food photography, then please do call us. We are food photography aficionados, based in maximum city, Amchi Mumbai, Maharashtra, who would love to hear from you.

And to top it all we also share your passion of being a Mumbai food junkie. Now We think This can be a match made in heaven. But let us stop this hard sell and tell you what we think about food photography.

So What Exactly does Food Photography Entail?

Food photography involves taking pictures of food with an eye to make it look as appetizing and delicious food as possible so that people will come and try your food based on these well lit, perfectly focused images you have posted online or maybe printed out for display around your kitchen or food stall. These photographs should tell any prospective customer that this dish is going to be delicious.

The photos need to be perfect and tell a story about each dish being showcased here . This will bring customers to you rather than the competition down the street who also serves pretty decent food but whose still photographs are nowhere close to the food porn that you seem to be sporting. .

The fact is, nobody wants to miss out on good food especially if it looks appetizing enough for them to go back home and cook it! Food when presented well does tend to sell itself, so this is an amazing way to increase your target audience. But lets look at what makes great food photography great? What do people expect from these images? Why are we willing to spend more time on food photography service than the food itself?

Our Latest Works

We have done food photography and videography, photo editing and retouching for over thousands of our clients.

About us

We believe every food has a different story to tell. From capturing, creating, lighting, styling to the post-processing, everything has a tone and voice that we try to bring out in the best way suitable for your brand.

Reasons To Spend On Food Photography

There are many food bloggers who write reviews on good food joints or restaurants. The most important aspect of it is the photographs included with the review piece which entice people to go there. Also lately some food delivery startups have been using food photography and detailed shots to sell their restaurants services. This has really helped them got a lot of orders.

If you look at online websites like Zomata or Swiggy where restaurants are rated based on their dishes, pictures of food items play an important role in attracting customers and hence better ratings for restaurants.

Well having read till here let me tell you why should you hire a food photography service. You already have a phone with a great camera and bells and whistles that seem to be as good as any professional DSLR camera. So why should you hire a professional food photographer? Here are some reasons why food photography services can be considered.

Apart from food, food photographer also do food styling and food prop hire so food photographers are a one-stop-shop for all your food related needs. You don't have to run around looking for food props or food stylist as the food photographer can take care of everything for you. From the preparation of lighting equipment to lights, location finding, background setting to the color correction of shots post processing which is an art in itself.

The food photography team will ensure that all aspects of taking pictures of food items and ensuring they look great on all social media channels is taken care of by professionals who know exactly how to make dishes look better with professional techniques.

Food Photography is much more than food decoration and food styling. It is one of those tasks that can be time-consuming, but the results are really worth it.

Food Item Photography Services give you a consistent appearance of your food on any video platform or social media page such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or even Zomato or Swiggy. Food photography ensures that users get an enjoyable experience when they look at your food pictures.

If you don't want to be in all these online food databases, food photographers can help with creating Youtube videos for your restaurant/food business where customers would see mouth watering food photographs being cooked right into their screen at home while ordering from wherever in the world they are!

No matter which area you live in, food products photography services can help you. With food photography services, food photos can be taken in your home or food studio which will give a new twist to the food photograph and add more creativity to it.

Food Photography is as important as food itself! These days people prefer browsing food pages or watching food videos online rather than cooking up their own meals from scratch. Food Photography is a great way of showcasing the flavors, color combinations and ingredients that are being used for recipes on the Internet today. This helps customers make better food choices while ordering food from restaurants/cafes, thus saving them time as well as money.

How Should I Select My Photographer?

A good food products photography service photographer is aware of what kind of photos he wants to create before he even starts shooting food. The food photographer must be creative, passionate about food and also have good knowledge of what food is all about and how it should look like in pictures! We are actually talking about some one like us who can really understand your food brand requirement. Well we know that till this is a shameless business plug....😃, But kya kare akhir humari bhi to business hain.

Food Photography Pricing

This is not an easy task as it involves many issues such as whether the food has been cooked or bought. Also preferences of customers come into play while deciding premium prices etc. but they depend on these factors: Number of products being shot (quantity) Nature of the product (whether it is something which consumers might buy over and over again like some kind of sauce packaged food item or just something that will be consumed once) Length of time food photography is required (how long it will take to shoot and process food photos etc.) Location of food shooting & how much time and effort food photographer has to put into the location scouting.

For us, food photography rates can start for as low as 500 rupees. We also offer hourly packages which start from 3000 rupees.

How Much Time Does Food Photography Take?

The food photography process varies from one food photographer to another depending on the food, food stylist and the food props.

Most food photographers take anywhere between 15-30 minutes for a complete set up before shooting food in front of a camera or any other high end equipment. Food styling makes it even more time consuming as there is an art behind making food look appealing which involves adding proper food coloring, food stuffing and lighting setup along with some post processing work done on them by professionals who are highly skilled in digitally enhancing photographs! Think of the time and effort that goes into just making food look so delicious for you to enjoy eating!

Hopefully, now you have understood how the food photography process works? What is the kind of cost involved and where can you avail food photography services.

Well to answer the last part, we would be more than happy to assist you with your food photography requirements. You can reach out to us by mail, chat, WhatsApp, and our form.

How to improve your food photography skills?

  • Photographs taken in daylight are the best. Don't use your camera's built-in flash or any other light source that hangs from the ceiling.
  • Find the ideal light source by moving around. You don't have to limit yourself to photographing in the kitchen.
  • Take pictures from various perspectives.
  • Keep things simple.

Types of Food Photography

Food Photography

We offer the best services for food photography. Breathe life into your food art with our extraordinary photography skills.

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